OEM and ODM Services / Heavy-industry Product

LE PUR Tech. Industry Ltd., Co. has been competitive for its integrative marketing service by offering a wide variety of products. Particularly, has been providing hardware products to many countries for more than seventeen years. Apart from its hardware business, also supplies heavy-industry products such as petrochemical-use products and light-industry products.

believes that the bicycle as the environmentally friendly vehicle par excellence is our global future. Therefore, in its light-industry area and in the line of the worldwide trend, is enthusiastic to provide a wide variety of cycling parts. delivers both OEM and ODM services, and its good quality Taiwanese products and their reasonable prices will certainly meet the requirements of the most critical customer.

Products in Different Range

In the Chemical Raw Material field, can carry several products in different range through Taiwan Formosa Company. All products comply with the international standards and specifications.

Meeting The Customer's Need

requires that its products meet the customer's needs and its service goes beyond satisfaction. looks for long term business since it believes that success is fulfilled greatly through bilateral cooperation.

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